How We Do It

We start with ‘Why?’

Why do women prefer to give birth at home? Why do women give up breastfeeding soon after giving birth? Why are parents not accessing health services? Why do boys drop out of school so early?

We look for answers.

We read. We study. We talk to women, men, children, leaders, teachers, and health workers to learn about their ecosystems.

We find solutions.

We transform what we learned into big ideas. We innovate and integrate local, cost-effective solutions. We make them work as vital parts of local systems to stimulate change and sustain gains. We bridge the gap between training and performance, between theory and practice, between creativity and practicality, between setting up and scaling up.

We empower people.

We present ideas to our stakeholders. We collaborate and exchange ideas with them. We ensure that they own the innovations and become part of the solutions.

We deliver results.

We transform our big ideas into reality — something that you can touch, read, hear, and feel. We check if we are reaching our goals and if we are indeed making a difference.